Sheriff's Message


  Planning to travel for a Vacation?


Sheriff John G. Carter offers these tips:

School is now out of session!  Congratulations to the class of 2014!

I know many Wayne County residents will still be taking vacations or will be away visiting relatives and friends during summer vacation and on the weekends and holidays.  The Sheriff's Office wants to remind everyone that there are certain security steps to take before leaving for a vacation.  Tell a relative or a trusted neighbor when you will be gone and when you will return.  If you are gone for an extended length of time ask your relative or trusted neighbor to pick-up your newspapers and mail. 


Here are some additional tips:

Call the Sheriff's Office and ask to be added to our Home Watch List

Make sure your house appears occupied

Give spare key to relative or trusted neighbor

Place timers on lights

For long absences disconnect automatic door opener

Never leave messages on answering machine, voicemail, or social networks (i.e. Facebook) stating that you are out of town

  Also, if you are traveling by car make sure you do a safety and maintenance check to confirm that your vehicle is operational.  Traffic may be heavy, so allow yourself ample time to reach your destination safely! 

  On behalf of the men and women of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, I wish you well and hope you have a great summer vacation!


Best Regards,

John G. Carter