Jail FAQ's




Q. How do I post a cash bond for an inmate?

A. If the inmate is eligible for a cash bond the cash, cashiers check or money order must be taken to the Wayne County Jail to post bond.

Q. How do I post a property bond for an inmate?

A. If the inmate is eligible for a property bond you must go to the Wayne County Jail with proper identification of all parties on the property. An additional $20.00 bond fee must be paid to the county as well. This must be paid via cash, cashiers check or money order. 

Q. Does Wayne County accept out of county property bonds?

A. Yes. Wayne County will accept some out of county property bonds but this must be approved by the Sheriff of both counties.

Q. Does Wayne County have Bonding Companies available for use?

A. Yes. Wayne County currently has 2 bonding companies approved by Sheriff Carter.

     R.C. Bonding (Richard Copeland, Owner) Main: 912-427-9634

     Tony Gordon Bail Bonding (Tony Gordon, Owner) Cell: 912-294-1108/ Home: 912-427-6006


Q. When can money be added on an inmate’s account?

A. Money can be added to an inmates account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Q. How much money can I put on an inmate’s account?

A. Any amount is acceptable. We do ask that the amount be kept to a maximum of $100.00 per week.

Q. Are inmates allowed to transfer monies between inmate accounts?

A. No, money can only be added to an inmates account from an outside source.

Q. Do you accept personal checks?

A. No, we only accept cash, cashier checks or money orders only.

Q. Can I bring items to the inmates?

A. Yes. Money (for store call) and medications will be accepted.  All medications must be in original prescription containers and will be approved by the jail nurse and/or doctor before distributed to the inmate. Personal hygiene items i.e. underwear, t-shirts, etc. must be purchased through the jail’s store call.

Q. What is store call?

A. Store call is where an inmate, who has money on his/her account, may order items from an authorized list each week permitting.  The store call order must not exceed $100.00 per week.

Q. When are inmates allowed to order store call?

A. Inmates are given an opportunity to fill out new orders every Wednesday night (deadline is Thursday morning at 8:00 A.M.) Items that are ordered will be delivered every Monday morning.

Q. When are visitation hours for inmates assigned to General Population?

A. Visitation hours depend upon which Pod the inmate is assigned:

Wednesday: F Pod -- 8-10am B Pod --1-3pm C Pod --3-5pm
Thursday: A Pod -- 8-10am E Pod -- 1-3pm D Pod -- 3-5pm
Friday: C Pod -- 8-10am F Pod -- 1-3pm B Pod -- 3-5pm
Saturday: D Pod -- 8-10am A Pod -- 1-3pm E Pod -- 3-5pm

Q. When is visitation for inmates assigned to Isolation?

A. Thursdays from 2:00PM-3:00PM and Saturdays from 4:00PM-5:00PM

Q. What do I need to do to visit an inmate?

A. The inmate must put you on his/her visitation list. You must bring a picture I.D. with you to visitation. All visitors must be dressed appropriately – no revealing attire can be worn during inmate visitations.